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Within a few days of contacting our company, a representative from JB Efficiency will visit your facility. We will then conduct a full survey. After careful consideration and planning, a detailed scope of work will be provided to you, usually within the first week. With our expertise, we make sure every available incentive is obtained minimizing your cost as much as possible. The project cost, utility incentive, annual savings, and customer cost will all be presented within this scope of work. All specifications of proposed fixtures and bulbs will be presented before installation, ensuring that there are no surprises.

LED Lighting

           In the last few years, the most exciting advancement in the lighting industry has been the production of light emitting diode lamps, also known as LEDs. LEDs use a completely different technology than the traditional incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs. Their benefits make the traditional lighting completely outdated. This cannot be stressed enough. To remain with incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs is equivalent to flushing your money down the toilet! On average LEDs use just 1/10 the wattage of incandescents and 1/3 the wattage of fluorescents. Currently, Led's are being used for many different applications including residential, aerospace, aviation, electronic instrumentation, entertainment, military traffic, and are even lighting up the outside of the entire Empire State Building! Listed are some of the benefits of converting to LED lighting.
1) Long Life: LED bulbs have an operational life span of approximately 11 years. Additionally, when they actually do expire, they work differently as compared to standard bulbs. They don’t burn out and stop working altogether- the lights dim, never actually going out completely.
2) Energy Efficiency: You might not know this but 80% of the electricity used in traditional lighting is lost as heat; which means that it operates at only a 20% energy efficient level. On the other hand, LEDs are estimated to operate at an energy efficient level of 80%.
3) Ecologically friendly: Unlike fluorescents, LEDs don’t possess any form of toxic material. They aren't a threat to the environment or the living things around them. Apart from that, it is also 100% recyclable and helps reduce your carbon footprint by 1/3.
4) Functional in extreme temperatures: Want to shift to Antarctica or the Sahara Desert? Not a problem anymore. Unlike traditional bulbs which might become non-functional during extremely cold or hot temperatures, LEDs work perfectly during all seasons.
5) Durability: LEDs are fully capable of withstanding even the roughest conditions. They are built with extremely durable components. LEDs are resistant to shock, vibrations and all such external impacts. They can be installed both indoors and outdoors without concern.
        If you would like to avail yourself of all the above mentioned benefits, then register with us now. JB Efficiency will provide you with the best service and the best products at very reasonable rates. Contact one of our sales representatives today and we will be happy to arrange a complimentary survey of your premises.

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